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Multi-National Clients Services

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Multi-National Clients Services

World-class service and local expertise.
World-class service and local expertise.

Managing insurance across multiple countries is complex. Every country has different regulation, local entities have different needs and often vary considerably in size and their function. Likewise, every multi-national client is unique in culture, risk appetite and in organization. This is why “one size doesn’t fit all”. Instead we customize service around what you need centrally and in your different operations around the World to optimize, cover and cost, ensure transparency and reporting, compliance and efficient claims settlement.

Service Delivery – the Four C’s

In effect, Multi-national client service can be encapsulated by:

    • Cover: how insurance protects your business Globally and locally.
    • Cost: Having agreed on what cover is required, how insurance programmes are structured, how we use Global insurance markets to meet cost and budget objectives.
    • Claims: our claims management processes for both high frequency, low severity claims and for very large claims are focused on ensuring a swift resolution, a fair settlement and prompt payment. 
    • Compliance: our network understands local regulations are they apply to Global and local policies to ensure that you are fully compliant. This is an important issue as local regulators seek to more rigorously enforce local law and regulations.
Core Multi-National Clients Services
  • Risk assessment: top down, bottom up view of risks in your business
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Program Review
  • Data and Information Collection / Validation
  • Program Metrics and Efficiencies
  • International Claims Management
  • Customized Program Design
  • Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Risk Engineering
Global Presence with Local Expertise

The Lockton Global network has existed for over 20 years. It is a combination of Lockton offices and long term partners that are able to serve your needs in 130 countries.

  • A legal partnership
  • Common service standards
  • Over 1,000 clients use this network Globally.
  • 37 partner firms
  • 315 offices
  • Manage insurance premium of $25bn
Our Experts

Jongjit Dejudomvittaya
Senior Director – Multi-National Clients
icon-phone +66(0) 2635 5000 Ext.1003