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Motor Insurance

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Motor Insurance

We provide Compulsory Motor insurance (P.R.B) and Voluntary Motor insurance coverage for car and motorcycle. The Voluntary Motor insurance coverage includes Type 1 insurance, Type 2+ insurance, ฟType 3+ insurance, Type 2 Insurance and Type 3 insurance.

Compulsory Insurance
It is a legal requirement under Car Victims Protection Act that all vehicles registered with the Department of Land Transport to have the Compulsory Motor Insurance to cover injury of people who get injured or killed in an accident.

Voluntary Insurance
Coverage under Voluntary Insurance offers more protection for vehicle owners for losses or damages to the property of the Insured or Third Party due to the accident. Various types of Voluntary Insurance are available:

Type 1 Insurance covers bodily injury as well as damage or loss to own vehicle and third party due to fire, theft and natural disaster such as earthquake, windstorm, hail and flood. In addition to the coverage including collisions, accidents, window breakage and towing expense.

Type 2+ Insurance provides similar cover to type 1, but with a limit to cover own vehicle damage. Own vehicle damage due to self-made accidents (e.g. driving into a car park wall) are excluded.

Type 3+ Insurance covers third party property damage and excess third party bodily injury as well as limited coverage for own vehicle  damage due to collision only.

Type 2 Insurance is commonly referred to, in other countries, as third party, fire & theft.  Type 2 covers third party property damage, excess third party bodily injury and loss due to fire and theft.

Type 3 Insurance covers only the cost of third party property damage and excess third party bodily injury